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Mortgage With CCJ

Mortgage With CCJ

Trouble Finding A Mortgage Because Of CCJ`s?
First Choice Have Multiple CCJ Mortgage Lenders.
We Have Helped Many UK Clients Buy, Move Or Remortgage.
New And Older CCJ`s Considered & All Quotes Free.


Can You Get A Mortgage With A CCJ? Yes - Many Of Our Clients Have Obtained A Mortgage Or Remortgage With CCJ`s As Well As Other Credit Problems. Free Confidential Quotes - Get The Facts & Figures Then Choose.

If you have received a county court judgment in the last 6 years (CCJ) then you may find it more difficult to take out a mortgage or remortgage - with some lenders not willing to lend to you. However at First Choice Finance we have numerous lenders who understand that in some circumstances a CCJ should not stop you having access to mortgages, with lenders available offering competitive mortgages, remortgages and second mortgages for people with CCJ`s.

CCJ MortgagesPlease call for free on 0800 2983000 or dial 0333 003 1505 (mobile friendly) & your no obligation enquiry will be handled confidentially by our own UK qualified mortgage advisers who will work through our extensive panel of mortgage lenders to find an affordable plan to fit your individual circumstances.

First Choice Finance is a specialist in arranging more complex mortgages - sorting mortgages for clients with one or more CCJ`s for over 25 years. Perhaps you are considering second mortgages or a new mortgage and have past credit problems - we may be able to help. Some of our customers who already have a house who wish to remortgage have been able to obtain the money they require despite CCJ`s via our mortgage lenders panel.

Our friendly and helpful staff will aim to find you the most competitive mortgage for you from our wide lender range, even if you have some adverse credit history, CCJ`s or other financial problems.

We have a wide selection of mortgages and loans at realistic competitive rates and our lenders may well compete to win your business, to try and help you get on the property ladder or get your remortgage, even if you have been previously turned down for a mortgage.

It will only take a few minutes of your time to complete the on line enquiry form and it may get your dreams in motion - P.S. there`s no obligation on your part and all quotes are free.

We Offer Mortgages For People With The Following Backgrounds:

  • County Court Judgements (CCJs) And Defaults.
  • Incurred Credit Card Or Personal Loan Arrears / Missed Payments.
  • Mortgages - for the Self-employed, or Employed people who have a large element of commission, or two or more jobs.
  • Second Mortgage, Bad Credit Mortgage & Adverse Credit Mortgages.

    • Video transcript

      Incurring a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against you will be recorded on your credit record and may be somewhat troublesome if you need to take out finance such as a homeowner loan or mortgage, but if you come to First Choice Finance for help, you could still have a range of loans and mortgages available to you.

      You can pick up a CCJ if you fail to pay back something you owe, be it a loan, credit card, rent or anything else where you`re expected to pay for services rendered, such as building work. The application is made against you by the person or business that thinks you owe them money.

      If you`re able to pay back the amount in full within two weeks of getting the judgement, you may not get a ccj on your record or if you do at least it should show as satisfied, meaning you have paid it off.

      If you appeal the order and the court decides against you and you end up with a CCJ, this can impact on your future ability to obtain credit for many years, especially if it`s for hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

      However, because First Choice Finance has plenty of experience and has access to specialist lenders for both secured loans, mortgages and guarantor loans, we will still try to help you find a loan or mortgage if you need one.

      Discover more about how a CCJ needn`t be a complete hindrance when it comes to getting a loan or mortgage by visiting firstchoicefinance.co.uk or by giving us a call, from a mobile it`s 0333 003 1505 or from a landline it`s 0800 298 3000.

      Ways To Resolve County Court Judgement Credit Issues

      Secured and unsecured lenders use your credit profile to help them decide whether to lend money to you or not. Many of them have a score system to help their automated decision processes either decline, accept or refer you for credit. By `refer` it means that someone will need to dig further into your application to come to a final finance decision. The issue with CCJ`s is that they all have quite a large negative impact on the scoring systems and in some cases are just seen as an outright decline - particularly if left unsatisfied. That is where you can start to make a real difference to your credit worthiness.

      A ccj will stay on your credit report history for up to 6 years but it will state on the report whether it is satisfied or not. So if you have incurred a county court judgement recently or even a few years ago it may well be worthwhile approaching the other party and make payments either in instalments or all in one go to make reparations with them. Once you have settled the judgement then the record will be amended on your credit profile and you will have taken a significant step forward in enhancing your credit worthiness. The same trend tends to apply for defaults too, so if you have some defaults creditors such as credit cards or store cards make an approach to them and offer a settlement amount. It may not even be for the full balance outstanding and the previous credit provider may accept a lower amount. If this is the case you should make sure it is in a `full and final settlement` for the debt or debts in question thereby you will have written proof that you settled the debt. This can then be provided to credit reference agencies to correct your credit bureau data if you find that the search results do not update automatically. Having some bad credit may well impact on your ability to get some of the mortgages out there but there is some help here to establish How much mortgage you can get.

Security is required on immovable property.

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