Remortgage Deals

Remortgage Deals

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Utilise our 25 year track record of delivering the best mortgage and remortgage deals to customers from all over the UK. Use our experience and knowledge to secure great rates on remortgages through a wide selection of established mortgage lenders, from the those on the high street to those you can only find through an approved mortgage advising company such as First Choice Finance. When you decide to remortgage fully qualified mortgage advice should be part of the norm alongside an experienced friendly professional service to get you right through to the release of funds to you smoothly.Tools for remortgaging When it comes to remortgaging we have the tools to make it happen in line with your expectations and our having a few years on the clock can help a lot. We have built relationships with lenders to bring you remortgage deals from some high street banks and building societies through to specialist mortgage lenders for those who may have more complex scenarios. In the modern online world we believe you should still be able to pick up the phone and talk to your adviser from day one if you want to - or you can use our >>on line enquiry form << if that is what you prefer. To speak to us in confidence and for a free personal quotation call 0800 298 3000 on a landline or dial 0333 003 1505 from your mobile. If you pick First Choice for a remortgage deal, your enquiry will be passed directly to one of our in house mortgage advisers who will discuss your needs and requirements and then search and find the best deal that suits matches your needs from our products. No pressure, you look at the figures and when you are ready and if you decide to go ahead, then we will use our in house team to smoothly get through the processing and complete your mortgage deal.

Fixed Rate Remortgages

With a fixed rate mortgage you will be able to budget your monthly payments as for the initial period of the new mortgage your interest rate will not change, most remortgage deals offer an initial fixed rate usually between 1 and 5 years. The disadvantage of a fixed rate mortgage deal is that if interest rates go down your mortgage rate will not change, at the end of the initial period of the fixed period the mortgage rate may well increase, many people switch mortgages near to or at the end of the initial mortgage period.

Tracker Mortgage Deals

With a tracker mortgage your interest rate will be linked to a set base rate, usually the Bank of England base rate, although some lenders do also have there own standard variable rate, this means if the base rate changes then your mortgage rate will move in alignment with the change, obviously this can be good or bad news! If interest rates go up then so will your monthly repayments, alternatively if interest rates are lowered your mortgage repayments will also be less.

Offset Mortgage Deals

Offset mortgages are a more complicated mortgage plan that links your mortgage to your savings. Instead of having your savings earning interest, your savings are linked to your mortgage reducing the interest paid on your mortgage, so if you have a £150,000 mortgage deal and £30,000 in savings you will only be charged full interest on the £120,000 as the interest on your savings will offset that element of the mortgage balance, hence the name of the product. As your mortgage repayments will be calculated at £150,000 this means if you have large savings you will be able to repay your mortgage faster. Offset mortgages are offered both on a fixed rate or variable rate, having an offset mortgage could help you save money as you are charged tax on the interest of your saving, while with an offset mortgage this will not be charged. The downside of an offset mortgage is the interest rate of an offset mortgage could be higher than some alternatives so if you do not have large savings then you may not see the benefits of this kind of mortgage deal.

Specialist Remortgage Deals For People With Bad Credit

If you have an adverse credit rating then you may find it more difficult finding a mortgage or remortgage, First Choice Finance have an extensive panel of lenders offering a large selection of mortgage and remortgage deals including mortgage plans suitable for people with a bad credit rating, if you have missed mortgage payments, outstanding credit defaults or arrears or have just been declined for a mortgage or remortgage elsewhere, First Choice Finance could still help with remortgage plans to suit many unique circumstances and we will try to help you rearrange your finances.

How to find some of the best remortgage plans

How to find some of the best remortgage plans

Video transcript

Remortgaging your home can save you lots of money and give you plenty of peace of mind too, so if you`re looking for a new deal, you`ll want the best remortgage that`s available to you.

When you`re a homeowner, you`ll need to remortgage once your existing deal runs out – even if its with the same lender! Otherwise you`ll end up on your existing lenders` standard rate, which is generally more expensive than many of the deals you could get if you look at the alternatives.

You don`t have to wait until your current deal expires to look around, as you can search for the best remortgage at any point with First Choice Finance, the key is to be ready in advance of your current deal ending and talking to our advisers will put you in pole position.

When remortgaging, aim to end up with a deal that has a lower interest rate, so that your monthly repayments are lower.

You may choose a fixed-rate remortgage too if you are worried about rates going up, with the Bank of England base rate having sat at the record low of 0.5 per cent since 2009.

Don’t worry, First Choice give advice and recommend a mortgage that meets your needs through asking some very relevant questions.

Best Fixed Remortgages mean that your repayments will stay at the same level for the duration of the deal, so you can plan your outgoings with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the amount you pay on your mortgage won`t go up for a few years.

Although best variable rate remortgages may be cheaper and ease your cashflow for now, if you don’t mind the risk of payments going up or down.

You can use the money gained from a remortgage improve your cashflow and enable you to reorganise your finances and pay off other loans, including car finance and credit cards without having to borrow more.

Alternatively a debt consolidation remortgage may give you the chance to raise some additional funds to clear other credit and make a fresh start. Bear in mind you may pay back more interest if you choose this route.

Let First Choice Finance find the best remortgage for you get in touch online at or call us for free from a landline on 0800 298 3000 or call our mobile friendly number 0333 003 1505.

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