Buying An Equestrian Property

  • Buying An Equestrian Property

Buying a equestrian property can be a huge investment with prices starting at around the £250,000 and going in to the millions, with this in mind here is our guide to buying an equestrian property and things to consider when choosing your new home for you and your horse(s)

Why Are You Buying An Equestrian Property?

Equestrian properties can be split into two kinds residential and commercial, whichever type of property you are buying will bring different factors into place

Equestrian Mortgage

The process for getting a mortgage for an equestrian property differ`s greatly depending if you are buying the property for private use to keep your own horses or if you are looking at buying an equine property to run a business such as a livery yard, competition yard, riding school,show center or other equestrian center. This will determine whether you will need a residential mortgage or a commercial mortgage. First Choice finance offer qualified mortgage advice and will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements offering a free mortgage quote to purchase your equestrian property.

Residential Equestrian Property

If you are looking for a small equestrian property just for yourself and your own horses then you can buy this using a standard mortgage just like buying a normal property. When looking at properties consider how things may look in the future, some properties may not be advertised as a property for horse owners but may be able to be converted, make a list of facilities you would like and facilities you need. Just because a property is missing one or more of these facilities do not discount it from the list but consider how the facility can be added and what the cost would be.

In some cases you may be able to purchase a purchase a larger property than you may want or need, but consider how these bigger properties may be split, as you may be able to sell land off as well as other outbuildings (with or without planning permission).
This can also sometimes work in reverse, by looking for properties without land that may back up onto fields that may be available for sale at a premium, many farmers would be happy to consider the sale of a few acres if the price is right, thus turning a normal property into an equestrian property.

Commercial Equine Property

Commercial Stables If you are looking for a base for a competition yard, livery stables, riding school, stud farm veterinary clinic or any other equine business then you probably require a commercial mortgage.

As with a normal mortgage you will need to consider the value of the property and the deposit you may have, as with any business ensure you make a careful business plan and ensure the business is viable before making such as large investment.

Buying the property is just the beginning of the expense

Equestrian properties can be costly to maintain, when you first buy the property you will often have lots of cost with improvements and added equestrian facilities both for the house and the horse area. Your stable area and fields will also require extensive maintenance and repair, from repairing fencing to rolling the fields, these maintenance activates will require special equipment or outside contractors. You will also see increased utility bills with some very big water and electric fencing, you may also see an increase in rates from the council even if you are buying a residential property having facilities such as a riding arena or horse walker may result in a larger council tax.

Planning Permission

When buying a property with land and outbuilding it is important to ensure all the planning permission is correct and in place, some farms and building may also have agricultural ties on building such as can only be lived in by farm workers or at certain times of year, if in doubt get advice from a planning consultant, they may also be able to help if you are considering adding certain horse facilities or converting outbuilding as in many cases you may need planning permission.