Equestrian Security

  • Equestrian Security
An equestrian property can be a tempting target for criminals with tack, lorries and horse trailers all high value items, when owning an equestrian property it is important to ensure your property, yourself and your horses are all safe and secure.

Driveway Gates

Gates provide some excellent security for your property, solid gates are preferred as this will be more of putting for potential thief’s as well as not allowing them to check out what you may have lying around before any attempted robbery. The addition of gates to your equine property also give you the added peace of mind of keeping your horses safe in the event of them getting out on their own.

CCTV / Security Camera`s

Modern security camera`s are getting increasingly sophisticated and cheaper to install, modern CCTV can also allow you to watch via the internet enabling you to keep an eye on your property even when you are out and about or at away at a horse show.

Burglar Alarms

These can be a good way of alerting you in the event of a break in to your property, the down side of burglar alarms for rural properties these can be in isolated locations so would be of limited use alerting the neighbours of the robbery, you are able to get alarms that trigger digital signals to your mobile which may be of more use.

Security Lighting

Automatic lights triggered by movement can be used to illuminate any area of your premises, giving you an alert if someone is outside after you have gone inside to your home. Security lighting are also helpful for when you return home late at night.

Horse Watch

Sometimes the old fashioned ways are the best, many rural communities for horse watch / neighbourhood watch schemes, these are where everyone in the area keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour around at each other`s properties. With the increasing popularity of facebook and other social networking tools this allows the network to spread the news of a break-in to other members quickly and easily as well as letting people of any items that have been stolen, making it harder for the thief to sell their stolen goods. Ensuring your property is safe and secure not only gives you peace of mind, showing these security measures to your insurance provider may also result in monthly savings on your insurance premium.